About ME

Hay, I’m Muneer Mujahed lyati

Muneer Mujahed lyati graduated in 2016 from College of Technology in mechanical engineering as a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering with my major being Engines and Vehicles. The degree was awarded in a congregation held on 12/06/2016 at College of Technology. Attained a GPA of 3.86 out 5.

Muneer Lyati is an engineer and mechanic from Saudi Arabia. Muneer Lyati was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on November 16, 1982. He received a bachelor’s degree in engines and vehicles from Jeddah College of Technology. Muneer Lyati strives to be a trustworthy engineer who delivers professional results to all of his customers. He became one of Saudi Arabia’s most sought-after engine and vehicle specialists thanks to his extensive mechanical engineering background and strong management and communication skills. Visit Muneer Lyati’s social media page @gvirus911 and website www.muneerlyati.com for more information.

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Training Courses and Experience


principles of effective supervision


OSH professional


IOSH management


English course


Computing skills




Fire fighting

Cooperative Training


Cooperative training at Hussain Al-Ali Institute as an operator


Muneer Mujahid Iyati did cooperative training at Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum as a maintenance engineer

In 2016, Lyati underwent cooperative training at the Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum as a maintenance engineer and he developed excellent skills there. He also had the chance to be associated with Hussain Al- Ali institute as an operator.

Muneer Lyati has worked in many prestigious companies such Al-Jazirah Vehicles Company, Bin Laden Company, and Al-Shayi Trading Company. Working at all these companies has provided him with many different experiences as he has worked in several kinds of the environment with various people. Currently, Lyati is one of the most known personalities in the Automotive Industry in Saudi.