Artificial intelligence will soon wow the world if it has not done so already. The concept of self-driving cars does not exist without AI. Quite simply, you cannot really discuss one without the other. AI is being implemented rapidly in a variety of sectors and industries, but the way it is being used in the automotive industries is becoming a hot topic.

All manufacturers are in the race to develop artificial intelligence, which can result in self-driving cars in the future. There are several ways in which AI and machine learning are being implemented. Here are some automotive companies that are using AI in different ways. Let’s begin by exploring some of them.


The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and it is creating autonomous technology for completely driverless vehicles. What is different about this technology is that it allows for flexible handling of the vehicle. The software is also user-friendly and can navigate even the most complex traffic situation.

The goal is to provide fleets of autonomous cars to wherever there is need to ensure safer roads and less pollution.


This company is located in San Jose, California. It uses AI software, real-time cameras and has gone through thousands of test miles to ensure safe decisions on the road. This prevents an accident from taking place. Currently, the technology focuses on grocery delivery. Users can pick the items through their app and have it delivered. They can also browse through the vehicle-based mobile store, which arrives upon delivery.


This one is located in Mountain View, California, and it is utilizing artificial intelligence to change the current transportation systems with self-driving services. The autonomous vehicles can communicate with the drivers and pedestrians within the area. It displays a sign to the pedestrians indicating that it would wait for them to cross.

The company is currently testing its products complete with human safety operators on fixed routes around Frisco, Texas.

Optimus Ride

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Optimus Ride uses artificial intelligence to turn things around. Presently, Optimus is a self-driving company that makes autonomous cars for geofenced locations. Smart and electric vehicles allow for the implementation of more efficient and sustainable cities. They also free up parking space and limit the number of cars on the road. In the long run, this will help to improve the environment.

Presently, the company is testing its product in Massachusetts. It does not focus on long-distance as it is testing the vehicle by transporting people to and from Boston’s local train station. When it receives the green light, it will expand the product to Massachusetts’s entire town and cities.


This company is located in View, California. It was part of Google’s project on creating driverless cars. Now, it is it’s own company which is creating driverless vehicles that can drop people from point C to Point D without any glitches.

Now, it has over 8 million autonomous miles driven to its credit. It uses 360-degree perception technology to detect pedestrians and other vehicles along with cycles, bikes, and road work. it can also identify other obstacles from 300 yards away.

To test its products, Waymo is providing test rides in Phoenix metro area for those who want to experience it.


Located in Foster City, California, Zoox is exploring AI in automotive vehicles. While some companies are outsourcing their vehicles, Zoox is one of those who are making the vehicle from scratch. The cars are produced with a robotic rideshare vehicle similar to transportation services such as Uber or Lyft. It can bring a Zoox vehicle at the tap of a button. Zoox has been working to transform its prototypes into full-fledged vehicles in the near future.

Driver Assist

Of the products that Ai is building in the automotive field, one such product is the driver-assist. If you are lucky enough to own a car that can parallel park itself, then you are in possession of an AI-powered car. There are several functions like automatic braking, driver drowsiness detection, and other safety features installed in these products. The following are some companies that are making use of AI to design different features:


This company is located in San Francisco, California, and can be used for personal vehicles such as fleets, ride-sharing or auto insurance companies. Carvi uses AI for safety purposes. It alerts the drivers of potential collisions and driving conditions. It also has a scoring system that lets drivers know if they are doing the job well. The process helps alter bad behaviors and habits and mold people into becoming better drivers.


The company is located in Palo Alto, California. It has sensor technology that reduces distractions for drivers. These distractions can sometimes become fatal. The system uses data to keep drivers attentive so that they don’t end up in a collision. It also has video and facial recognition, which can help companies to process insurance claims more efficiently and quickly.

An example

The 2019 Mercedes Benz A-class can slow the car when it is turning the corner. It can detect the speed limits and adjust accordingly.


The use of artificial intelligence in vehicles and the applications can help the manufacturers costs while ensuring more innovation and production. Computer Vision is a good innovation for identifying anomalies. For instance, Audi is testing artificial intelligence to detect cracks in metals. General Motors is also jumping on the bandwagon and using AI for product prototyping.

With AI, machines have become much smarter. They can predict the failures and malfunctions, which helps to avoid increased expenditures in the future.

Last words

It’s clear that AI is taking over the automotive industry. Now, there is only moving forward. Many manufacturers and companies have already started to work with it. Products have become complete and are now being tested. It is only a matter of time before it becomes accessible to the general public. The future is here!

Writing by Muneer Mujahed Lyati

Source: pickerworld