With the development of Artificial Intelligent (AI) car technology, the future of the human car is in great doubt. Why you ask? Well one reason is due to the regulations of the National Highways and speed limits that have been set. These regulations are being put in place to prevent regular cars from overtaking each other and causing accidents. So what if the Artificial Intelligent cars could beat the rules of the roads?

You may be asking yourself how such cars could match up against human drivers. Well they already have the technology. It’s called LIDAR or Laser Detectors. This technology will allow the cars to know exactly where it is on the road at any time. By using this technology the cars will be able to avoid obstacles and other things on the road which would prevent them from proceeding and eventually cause an accident.

Soon humans may not be able to control their own cars. Due to the regulations that will soon be set in place there will be a restriction of how fast people can drive their vehicles. They may be forced to cease driving and simply walk around. In the future humans may not even be able to drive themselves due to the complexity of the system. It’s interesting to note that this system does not replace the driver, rather it is like a personal assistant.

One exciting aspect of this technology is the safety feature. Most current high end cars come with many safety features. Many of these features could possibly be rendered useless if you were to get into an accident. Therefore, some high end car manufacturers are investing a lot of money in researching for ways to make their vehicles safer. What many car owners don’t realize is that by installing these safety features they could actually prevent an accident from happening. So while the cost of these features may be higher than one might think, the price of preventing accidents altogether is a small price to pay.

There are many different applications for artificial intelligence cars. Some of these are found in testing new designs for new automobiles. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have actually been able to create computer programs that can re-design the design of an automobile. If these car designs were ever to be produced by a company then they would have to incorporate these designs into the cars. In doing so they would find out what the public thought about the new cars and if these public opinions matched the desires of the company.

Researchers have also been involved in researching the way in which new cars are handled on the road. For many years now it has been known that many drivers do not obey the rules of the road. These drivers become distracted and sometimes even turn their attentions away from the road. New technologies have been created that will allow these drivers to take their minds off of the road and onto something more important.

In addition to these new designs for automobiles, researchers have actually been investigating the idea of creating self-driving cars. These cars are one step closer to being ready for the public as they are capable of driving themselves on some occasions. They do not rely on any human assistance and they will continue to receive assistance from other human drivers through their systems.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have already created an artificially intelligent system that is able to predict where on a road they will be traveling next. They have also created a system that will help them know what turns to make in order to make the most out of their turns. Now with the advancements made in technology by these car companies, there is no telling what new things these artificially intelligent cars will be capable of. There are even applications for artificial intelligence cars that will work in the agricultural fields and around the home.