The Automotive Industry is vast and comprises many organisations, companies and also engineers from different fields including mechanical, robotics, mechatronics, automotive and many more. These companies include design, manufacturing, marketing, selling and others. Life in current days has become so fast that everyone needs swift transportation. Also, everyone wants safe and sound transportation because health and life are the foremost priorities. In the history of humanity, the invention of the wheel has revolutionised transportation. Since then, people are using the wheel for transportation. The earliest wheels were installed in the wooden cart and an animal was tied using the ropes or other things. In this way, the labour work of humans was reduced. Still, this cart system is used in many places, usually in the countryside. For many centuries, the cart system was used for the transportation or transferring of goods too. With the advancement of knowledge, science and learning from previous experience, the efforts to reduce the manual workforce were the primary goal. Fortunately, humans got successful in that field and mechanical engineers add more luxury to life in the transportation field. This makes life more luxurious, both in the transportation of goods and travelling.

The automotive industry came into being when a man thinks that there should be animal less carriage. Therefore, with the invention of the steam engine in the 17th century, this industry uses this in vehicles. This steam engine was a combustion engine that works by burning fuel and converts the chemical energy into mechanical energy, which runs the vehicle. Initially, the steam-powered vehicle could not carry a driver, but soon the experts designed the steam-powered self-propelled large vehicle which could carry people. During the 19th century, the innovations such as hand brakes, speed transmissions and improved steering were introduced. It is interesting to note that the 1st waggon for road use was steam-powered.

The automotive industry flourished, with the development of the internal combustion engine during world war I, becoming more simple, efficient, operative and reliable. The development of high-speed internal combustion engines revolutionised this field because of its advantages. The speed was improved to a great extent. Therefore, steam was replaced with an internal combustion engine because of its higher advantages. The idea of using nuclear fuel over others was also considered, but the hazardous nature of radioactive material dumped this idea and the internal combustion engine was preferred. This is still widely used. One of the major disadvantages is that it produces pollution which is hazardous for the health. Though, the 4stroke technology has reduced this risk. 4stroke has some advantages over 2stroke. 4stroke produces more efficiency as its piston completes the 4strokes (up and down movements) in 1 cycle. 2stroke has less efficiency but greater power.

The automotive industry is mainly based on automotive engineers, while others play their role as well. These engineers or designers work with other engineers to enhance the performance of the machine. This engineer does the job of preparation of design features, research, installation and making new subsystems of automobiles. Usually, they use computerised designs and determine the performance of the designed item. The reduction in the vehicle’s cost with the maximum facilities is included in the job. In the modern era, the electronics role in every field is flourishing. Introducing cameras in the rear side of cars, lighting, music system and many more. The auto driving feature has created room for electronics and mechatronics engineers in this field. The mechanical engineers also work to reduce the consumption of fuel and increase the mileage of the car.

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