As an Automotive Engineering understudy I can reveal to you the advantages of considering this structure my own insight. Additionally I might want to state that at firs I needed to consider IT since it appeared to be that I would get more freedom and perhaps a more lucrative occupation in this area.

 Benefits of Automotive Engineering are Given Below –

  1. You study mechanical engineering and if you practice something in a garage you will be incredibly good at fixing things.
  2. Motor engineering is now in the changing times, we are seeing a trend towards conversion towards hybrid and electric engine driven vehicles, so experts will be needed.
  3. The examinations here are quite shifted. I had subjects going from maths, polynomial math, numerical examination material science, programming, framework investigation, mechatronics, registered supported plan , tribology up to the board and business arranging. So the examinations are covering a great deal of fields and this causes me to accept that now, I can see associations between things much simpler. Regardless of whether it sounds egocentric.