The car crime rate is declining, and statistics show that car owners and police are gradually surpassing car criminals. According to the crime statistics recorded by the police, between 2002/3 and 2003/4, car crime dropped by 9%, proving that if car owners continue to make minor changes in their behaviour, they will make the number of car insurance claims filed drastically decline. They are used for stolen cars. The theft or theft of a car is a painful thing that can cause depression and financial impact. If your vehicle is stolen, you will have the trouble of applying for your car insurance policy, and it will cause serious inconvenience to you before replacement. If you take away your belongings from the car, you will likely be violated and lose some precious or irreplaceable things. This is a natural response to let someone enter your property or take away what belongs to you.

It is relatively easy to break into a car. The windows may be smashed and locked forcibly. Fortunately, however, measures can be taken to prevent thieves from entering their whereabouts. If every driver follows the 13-point plan below, then insurance premiums may drop, and honest motorists can own the property. Keep the no-claim bonus and even lower your car insurance premium by doing the following: 

1. Do not place any objects on the car. If you leave your purse, stereo, CD, wallet or mobile phone in the car, it will become a target for thieves 

2. If possible, park the car under a street lamp or in an open space with sufficient light. The thieves do not want to work in the spotlight, but prefer to go to the car parked in the dark 

3. It is best to park the car in the garage every night and then lock it. Car criminals are unlikely to try to break into your garage to drive

4. It sounds obvious, but please remember to lock the car. Often let car thief ride in without driving 

5. If you want to park your car in a public place, please try to park it in a safe, guarded parking lot 

6. Ask professionals to install car anti-theft devices. This will stop the thief 

7. Invest in steering locks and use them every time you leave the car 

8. Install an anti-theft lock to prevent the car from starting. This ensures that even if the thief can use your vehicle, he/she will not be able to drive it away 

9. Equipped with a tracker so that you can track your car while driving 

10. Engrave your car registration number or vehicle identification number on the windows, windshield and headlights. This prevents thieves from planning to disguise your car by changing its appearance 

11. Put a safety mark on your car equipment. It is recommended that you put the vehicle registration on something such as stereo

12. Do not leave vehicle certificates in the car, as they can help thieves sell them. 

13. Put down the antenna to avoid saboteurs.

Car crime is declining, and people are taking the above preventive measures. However, statistics show that in the UK, a car is stolen every two minutes, so you are likely to be a victim of car crime at any time. If you are reversing or stolen, please take the following measures: o First, let the police know. You do not need to dial 999, contact the local police station or make a non-emergency number. The law will want to learn as many details as possible, such as the make, model, and registration of the car, so make sure you know this. o, if you make a claim, please notify your auto insurance company to discuss your request. It is essential to let your insurance company know that the thief may be involved in a car accident, and you may be implicated. o If a car is found, your insurance company should pay for the repair. If you can’t find it and ask for a claim, you should show the purchase documents, registration form and all service records. Everyone is at risk of car crime. Even if you protect yourself, a thief can find a way to steal your car and belongings. Please make sure you have adequate car insurance so that you can file a claim when you need it most.