Cars Care is an innovative application that enables parents to track their child’s driving lessons and performance on the road. The application was developed by Kidssoft Mobile Solutions and is designed to be compatible with all Smartphones and Tablets including iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, Samsung I Pad and other Apple and Android devices. The car app is currently available for free download on the Google Play Store. Cars Care is now starting out help your child learn to drive with this entertaining and educational application.

This is the fun part, the learning starts when your child drives the first car he/she own. You will need to download and install Cars Care on the child’s phone to start the application. You can also select the level of application you want your child to master. There are three levels to this exciting application. Start at level one and your child will not only be able to learn how to drive, but they will also be able to interact with the different cars.

Your child will be happy to see their favorite cars displayed on the screen in 3D. As they click on different cars, the screen will move so that your child can get a closer look. They will then be able to see exactly what the color of the car is. The 3D effect also helps to teach your child about the physics of driving. Kids will learn the hard way about the front end as they take their driving test.

By using the on screen guide, kids will be able to identify every part of a car, including the engine, transmission, wheels, brakes, etc. They will learn about the different parts of a car and will be able to identify which one they need to work on first. In addition, by using the handy dashboard tools, your child will have an easier time removing and putting back their keys. They will even have an easier time changing settings on their car such as adjusting the volume, mirror or GPS.

Another important thing that will help children with Cars Care is by making the car as realistic as possible. You can do this by adding details to the car model or by changing the interior. Kids will really appreciate being able to roll down the windows and look into the driver’s compartment. They will enjoy feeling like they are in the car. It will also help them to identify certain smells, sounds, and tastes as they become more mature and capable drivers.

Cars should not only be fun to play with, but should also be safe. For instance, if your kid drives a very old car, it may not be a good idea to let them drive it. If you let them, however, make sure that they know the basic safety rules such as wearing a seat belt. Teach kids how to use the emergency room alarm. As they get older, teach them to be very careful around other cars. This can include not playing golf games that involve two vehicles and not sharing the horn.

Even your kid’s car needs to be maintained to ensure the best of care. For example, the car seats need to be changed every year. If you don’t change them at this point, you could be in trouble if your child got in a serious car accident because the seat had been worn out. Taking the time to think about the various aspects of cars care is the best way to ensure your child gets the best of care when it comes to driving.