The world is getting rapidly digitized. To adjust to this new world, every modern industry, including the automotive industry, has to update itself with the new tech trends. Due to the covid pandemic in 2020, the automotive industry has faced loss as not many people were buying cars. In 2021, To meet the customer needs and stay on track in this competitive business world, the automotive industry must invest in innovations.

In this article, I will discuss four such trends that I think will lead the automotive industry in 2021.

  • Use of AI in Autonomous Vehicle for Safety Purpose:

Artificial Intelligence is mainly engaged in self-driving vehicles in the automotive industry. These cars are driven by software and sensors. Producing autonomous cars was to reduce the necessity for human drivers and make transportation problems easy. But in 2021, this artificial intelligence will be more used to increase safety features like identifying dangerous situations, taking emergency control for avoiding accidents, monitoring blind spots, and emergency braking.

It is anticipated that In the automotive industry, artificial intelligence will rise more than 10 billion US Dollars by 2025.

  •  Increase in Personal Car Usage:

Covid Pandemic has changed the way of the transportation system. As contagious coronavirus spreads rapidly with close human contact, people are avoiding congested and confined areas. As a result, people are avoiding public transport as well as shared vehicles. These factors are working intensely to consider governments worldwide, reducing the amount of tax cut. This will decrease the sale price of vehicles and increase the sale of personal cars.

  • Electrification of Vehicles:

According to a survey, The rate of carbon emission from cars is more than 15%, causing environmental damage. The continuous depletion of fossil fuel reserves and irreversible environmental loss is compelling automotive engineers to look for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. Electrification of vehicles is one of the finest solutions. Electric Vehicles (EV) are contributing to reducing the fuel usage amount.

It is reported that In August 2020, the number of EVs was more than 1.6 million on US roads, which is higher than the anticipated 1.4 million by 2024.

But there are many maintenance problems regarding EV. High price, poor battery performance, Lack of charging infrastructure, these problems are still there.

2021 will be when the automotive industry solves these issues, making EVs better than ever.

  • 3D Printed Vehicles:

In 2021, 3D printed vehicles will be one of the most influential trends.3D printing may not be a new thing in the automotive industry to many people as many companies have already used this in making some parts for cars. But it has been a practical usage of 3D printing. It has not been yet used wholly for consumer usage. To meet the growing demand for newer, excellent performing vehicles, 3D printed vehicles will come off as a rescue.

LSEV, a car, of which almost every part is 3D printed. It is manufactured by XEV, an Italian startup, in collaboration with a Chinese 3D printing company named Polymaker. This car will be on European and Asian markets in 2021. 

In this article, I have tried to cover all the possible trends which will rule the automotive industry in 2021. What’s your thought on this? Let me know in the comment section.

Muneer Mujahed Lyati
Muneer Mujahed Lyati

Name: Muneer Mujahed Lyati

Source of the article: substack