It has been said that Artificial Intelligence is coming to a car near you very soon. The automotive industry is jumping on the band wagon to create and produce new, self-driving cars. However, the question remains: will these cars be safe? What about the safety of all the drivers in the area when these new systems are on the road?

We already have computers in the cars, which process data from the onboard computer and send it to the data screen in the vehicle. With all of the new systems currently being tested by various companies, most of them use some form of artificial intelligence. How will these artificial intelligent systems work? Well, they already have sensors in the cars that allow them to “know” where the car is without actually touching it.

What do I mean by this? Well, you have new, high tech, systems inside the cars. The doors open and close, the wipers work, the mirrors see everything behind you and so on. However, when the car drives past a stationary object or individual it “smells” the ambient sensor data and analyzes it. If it determines that the person, object or thing is not moving then it simply does not move.

This is just one example of artificial intelligence cars’ systems working to keep the car safe. In fact, some of these systems are able to tell whether an individual, car or even a deer is still there. They determine this by observing how long it takes for the deer to stand still and move, their gait and many other things. Now, let me give you an even better example. Consider what would happen if you are driving along and you see two deer crossing in front of you…

When these cars’ artificial eyes see one deer, it “knows” that the other deer is there. Therefore, the car stops. Now, in some cases the driver of the car might decide to go around the deer but there are many cars behind him that don’t want to take any chances. There are a few different technologies in place that allow these cars to “know” to keep moving.

What about the human drivers? Artificial intelligence cars can sense the emotions of the people around them. Do they smile, laugh or cry? These factors have been studied for many years and have been found to be very accurate. With this knowledge they are able to “know” if they are dealing with a driver that is in a bad mood and therefore avoid them.

How about the parking lot? If parking was not made secure with an artificially intelligent car, then a criminal could set up shop right in front of the home of a homeowner. Then, when the homeowner gets out of their car, they would be unable to get out. In fact, they could even be cornered inside the home. This would be an extremely frustrating experience and no one would wish to have to deal with that.

Today, there is a company called nuTune who has taken all of this research and development and applied it to creating a highly advanced and highly secure car tracking system. At the nuTune booth you will be able to see several of these high tech cars tracking you as they drive by. The cars will send out signals every so often, which are processed by the receiving computer. These signals are received and converted by the car’s computer then are sent to the receiving antenna. This allows the owner to receive not only the location of the car but even more detailed information regarding the speed of the car, direction it is traveling and even if the car is stopped.