Your car should undergo a tuning or basic service every 30,000 miles. Moreover, this may be the best preventive maintenance tip available to car owners. Useful adjustment components will check and replace everything that will cause normal wear and tear of the car. If adjustments are missed, this can cause damage and other problems, and these costs are much higher than adjustments. Also, adjustments can provide you with better fuel consumption. Most importantly, the adjustment can be made by yourself, thus saving high labour costs. This is what you need to do when debugging your car and explaining why it is highly recommended.

1. Fuel filter-you will need to replace the fuel filter. Dirty fuel filters can make the vehicle difficult to start, restrict the engine and cause the car to lose power.

2. Spark plugs and spark plug wires-you will have to replace them because bad spark plugs will take away your car’s fuel efficiency and even lose driving performance. A bad spark plug can even cause malfunction, which means expensive towing. Bad wires can also cause problems. (See article on this process)

3. Distributor cover and rotor-these two parts are usually made of plastic. As a result, they deteriorate with age, and may appear to be used and cracked, and generate moisture. Therefore, the metal contacts on both may corrode, causing ignition failure.

4. Valve-You will need to check and adjust the valve as needed. You also need to replace the valve cover gasket, especially if you see oil on the engine’s top. 5. Belts-You will need to check all belts to make sure they are not worn. You can also replace them if they show extreme wear (crack, tension).

6. Air filter-A dirty air filter will block the engine’s airflow, making it more challenging to work. This leads to reduced horsepower and fuel economy.

7. Fluid-Check all fluid levels under the hood. If you are thirsty, please give them what they need. (Gearbox, brake, etc.)

8. Battery-Clean the battery.

9. PCV (Crankcase Positive Ventilation)-It should be replaced because the clogging of the breather filter prevents the PCV from siphoning the blow-by gas and moisture generated by the engine combustion causes oil decomposition and sludge accumulation. The first nine tips are usually used for tuning. After you perform maintenance on the car, you may also need to check the brakes, wipers, lights and other instruments. Although many parts of the above can be changed through effective services every few years, you may need to replace one or more as independent items from time to time. But all in all, following this guide will make your driving process smooth and reliable!