To effectively describe your car in detail, you must first understand the category. There are unpainted wheels and painted wheels. The two-wheel types have one thing in common, that is brake dust. Dust cannot be exempted. Even the most expensive cars are not immune to getting as much dust as possible.

Brake powder can cause the outer coating of the wheel and damage the appearance. The source of brake dust is the part close to it, namely the brake pad. When these friction plates wear, they become dust covering the brakes. Don’t be afraid, because this nasty brake dust can be solved. In-car shops, there are many special cleaners for wheels, these products are designed to extract brake dust, and you can buy unpainted and painted wheels.

Not sure about the paint on the wheels? You can wipe it; it should be lighter, put it on a white towel, and wipe it on the car wheel area. If you see black on the rag, your wheel is not painted, which means its surface is made of metal. On the other hand, if you see that the towel’s color is the same as the color of the wheel, you must paint it. If you can’t see any black, but again, the wheel seems to have a metal surface, it may be that your wheel has a clear coating. When you encounter a coated wheel, you can treat it like a painted wheel.

If your wheels are not painted, you must determine the type of material used to use the appropriate cleaner. Surface treatment can make a big difference, which cannot be ignored. If you are not sure about the requirements for different characters, you can consult the factory’s manual that supplies the wheels.

It is best to separate the surface cleaning of the car from the wheel cleaning. This will reduce or altogether avoid scratches because tires and wheels often contain a lot of dust particles. If the same sponge or gloves are used, particles from the wheels can be transferred to the car’s surface paint, which in turn can cause scratches.

It would help if you remembered that the wheel is the wheel that stains all tires and is considered one of the car’s dirtiest places. Therefore, you must be more active in cleaning care. If you tend the wheels in other ways, you can use a higher concentration of cleaner. Do not use this cleaner on the car’s solid surface, as this will cause wax removal.

You must ensure that all parts of the car are removed from this area to clean all parts effectively. Cleaning the parts separately will provide you with more effective car beauty work. Make sure you don’t lose the deleted feature to put it back in the right place. And, please remember how to remove it for you to reinstall it correctly.