The Ferrari SF90 is the latest model in the F12T lineup, and is also the first mid-engine Ferrari to have all-wheel drive. The SF90 is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that produces 769 horsepower, while a pair of electric motors produces another 217 horsepower. The overall output of power is 986 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. The SF90 is a very fast car, and its performance is impressive.


The Ferrari SF90 engine and technology features a trio of electric motors to provide powerful torque. Two permanent-magnet motors drive the front wheels, and the other one regenerates energy when braking. The digital controls on the SF90 optimize traction and driver control with functions like torque vectoring, which allows the car to turn more easily and stabilizes it under braking. The third axial-flux motor is sandwiched between the mid-mounted engine and the braking system, and its job is to fill in the electric torque at low engine rpms, during gear changes, and at low speeds.


The SF90 Stradale engine was developed by Ferrari engineers from the F8 Tributo and has a 4.0-liter displacement. It has a new intake manifold, and a larger exhaust manifold. The car also has a new set of intake and exhaust lines. The entire system is fully integrated with the vehicle dynamics control, which helps the car remain in perfect condition throughout the racing season.

The SF90 Stradale is equipped with new electronics, and has a multi-material construction, which is comprised of carbon fiber, aluminum, and various alloys. The structure has been improved to increase stiffness and driver control. The SF90 features torque vectoring, which allows the driver to steer the car more effectively and stabilizes it when braking. An axial-flux motor is sandwiched between the mid-mounted engine and the front wheel.


The Ferrari SF90 has a turbocharged V-8 engine, with a total output of 769 horsepower. This engine is paired with three electric motors, one between the engine and transmission, and one for each rear wheel. The SF90’s powertrain is designed to be more efficient than the F8 Tributo’s 1.6-liter V-8, with the torque vectoring feature helping the car maintain its stability and cornering. The SF90’s third axial-flux motor is sandwiched between the engine and the mid-mounted engine. Its main function is to fill in the gap between the electric torque and the weight of the rear wheels.


The Ferrari SF90’s engine and technology are impressive. The SF90’s traction control and electronic cornering setup regulator are unique features. The SF90’s traction-control systems are fully integrated into the vehicle dynamics controls, allowing for optimum control and traction. The torque vectoring system enables the car to perform a wide range of maneuvers, while stabilizing the car under braking.


The new SF90’s new hybrid architecture and engine design are both impressive. The SF90’s exhaust system is now bigger than the LaFerrari’s, and the SF90’s exhaust is now a hybrid. The SF90’s electric motors have 217 horsepower each, and the ICE and the electric motors can work in synergy for a total of 1000 horsepower.


The new SF90 features a hybrid system and plug-in hybrid technology. It also boasts 4WD, increased aerodynamics, and an HMI display. Its eManettino e-drive system offers four driving modes. The E-drive mode is designed for city driving and maneuvering at low speeds without the V8 engine. The Hybrid mode optimizes the efficiency of the internal combustion engine (ICE). The performance mode prioritizes performance.


The Ferrari SF90 is a hybrid, and it does not need to be plugged in to charge. The battery in the SF90 provides regenerative braking and electric power. The electric car can go up to 26 km on electricity alone, and its four modes can be switched using the eManettino knob on the steering wheel. The car’s exhaust system can be removed for easy cleaning.


The Ferrari SF90’s mid-engined design offers all-wheel drive. It also offers regenerative braking, which replenishes the battery power through a regenerative braking process. The SF90 is a mid-engined model with all-wheel drive, but it features an all-electric front axle. The electric motors provide torque vectoring capability. Its electric drivetrain is unique, with a total of six cylinders and five cylinders.