Characteristics of automotive industry

According to history, the manufacturing sector is a key pillar of economic growth and development becomes moderate and positive for up to nowadays economy. There are few types of food textile industry good manufacturing and beverage, aerospace and automotive manufacturing. Automotive industry.

It is a world-class industry that is highly competitive all over the world. Unlike the automotive sector, sector growth should contribute to high economic income for the country. Economic structure and the role of the automotive industry. Its impact on investment flows is assessed through social accounting matrices. Under proposed methodology, sector and impact classification.

Help in increasing production and quality, to increase industries by anonymous strategies that all problems, including manufacturing, should specifically be solved in a really major way.

Automobiles actually are defined as a self-organized autopoietic, nonlinear system that spreads throughout the world, and cars, car drivers, roads, petroleum equipment, and very many novel objects generally contain technologies and signs, which is quite significant.

The automotive industry particularly is seeking both competitive materials and manufacturing processes in order to act on a possible mass reduction and fuel savings that includes a real improvement in the use of environmentally friendly products, which is fairly significant.

Automotive manufacturing definitely is a very complex and energy-intensive process that consumes significant Raw material, amount of water. To particularly remain competitive, automotive very original equipment manufacturers must for the most part strive for sort of better product quality by continually improving the manufacturing process and driving towards lower carbon emissions and improved sustainability.

The automotive industry is important industrial sector and economic pillar of various Middle countries and Eastern Europe. This sector has been one of the main sources of FDI in the region for the last 20 years. Auto manufacturers use educated, productive and relatively cheap labor

and quality links with Western European markets as well as a favorable position for eastern exports. Slovakia is now one of the major centers of the global automotive industry, producing the highest numbers of vehicles per capita in the world. The modern ones owe their position stemming from the existence of three cars races.

Volkswagen (Bratislava); PSA Peugeot Citroën and KIA Motors (Žilina) and global supply companies. The development of the automotive industry began in integration into Slovakia and the world’s automotive centers. 1990s, when German car company Volkswagen AG launches plant in a vehicle near Bratislava

This important step enabled the development of the Slovak economy after the death of CMEA and the cessation of arms production in the old markets, actually contrary to popular belief. The car company Volkswagen entry into Slovakia also began to build a supply chain, which attracts generally more investment in the country. Automotive and mechanical engineering: Slovakia thus initiated a new path of development of industrial production in sector, which is fairly significant.


The fairly main purpose of this article kind of is to point out the change in the automotive industry brought about by the pandemic situation in the world in a actually major way.

The first part of the article for the most part focuses on the characteristics of the automotive industry in general and points to its sort of main importance. Slovak Republic. Results and discussion have been for all intents and purposes attempted to show how Covid-19 basically has literally lowered sales and profit regions in the automotive industry in 2020 not only in the Slovak Republic but also in fairly certain countries, thus closing operations and hence. In this paper, we use general methods for handling paper analysis, synthesis and deduction, especially the method, or so they thought.

Results and Discussions

According to analysts, consumers will postpone purchase of new cars in a big way. Global sales could fall by third this year, falling by 11 per cent at the height of the global financial crisis.

In the actually Czech Republic, sales of new passenger cars fell by 53 percent to 1,0679 vehicles in April fairly due to anti-coronavirus measures and much lower overall demand in a major way. In four months, the market definitely fell by 26.3% to 60,873 cars sold, contrary to popular belief. Decline affected all segment and vehicle designs with the exception of pretty electric and fairly hybrid passenger car.

The registration of these vehicles increased year on year due to pressure on car manufacturers through stricter emission limits in a actually big way. The almost the biggest drop in sales basically was recorded by Volkswagen and Škoda vehicles in a subtle way. In the first four months, light for all intents and purposes commercial vehicles definitely fell by 28 percent to 4,786 vehicles in the kind of Czech Republic, pretty contrary to popular belief. Trucks sale fell by 32 percent compared to the previous period to 2,278 vehicles in a subtle way. In April alone, it specifically was a decrease of 52 percent in a big way.