The Nismo company designs aftermarket performance parts for Nissan and Infiniti cars. Their performance parts range from aerodynamics to alloy wheels and engine to suspension. They even make a muffler for the Infiniti Q60, which many people were not too impressed with after the car’s introduction. The company made a muffler available through their dealerships six months after the Q60 went on sale.


In 2007, Nismo announced that it would enter the UK market with the help of Middlehurst Motorsport, a company with longstanding relationships with the Nismo company. These relationships started in the early 1990s and span across motorsport, car supply and parts supply. The company’s official partner is Middlehurst Motorsport. The Nismo Company is now available to the UK market and is proud to announce their partnership. The Nismo Cars brand is a subsidiary of Nissan.


The new GT-R Nismo is a performance car outfitted by the Nismo company. It is based on the racer that won the Nurburgring 24-hour race in 2013. The car is fitted with 600hp and 480lb-ft of torque, a whopping 35bhp higher than the standard R34. Its performance will leave your competition in its dust. Nissan executives believe that Nismo will revolutionize the performance of vehicles in the future.


The company was responsible for the development of the R33 Skyline 400R and the S14 Silvia 270R. These cars featured extensive modifications and command high resale values. The company emphasized its link with street car tuning and built street-tuned models at its Chiba City tuning facility. Today, Nissan sells Nismo street-tuned vehicles at the Nissan dealerships, where they carry full warranties.



The Nismo company is a subsidiary of Nissan and oversees the company’s motorsport business. The Nismo company was founded in 1984 when two separate Nissan motorsports departments merged. The company competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the JSPC, and the 24 Hours of Daytona. They also participate in Super GT, the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup, and Formula E. However, it is scheduled to disappear in April 2022 after being merged with sister company Autech.



The NISMO company’s performance arm began with the Skyline R31 GTS-R in 1987 and has become an active part of Nissan’s manufacturing operations. Many of these cars have received high praise for their performance, handling, and maintenance. Nissan has been a major participant in motorsports since the 1960s, and the NISMO division spearheads this endeavor for the company. Today, the NISMO team competes in the Japanese Grand Prix and FIA GT1 Sports Championships.


The NISMO company creates high performance Nissan vehicles, with a specialized team of engineers and test drivers who have decades of experience in developing and racing Nissan models. The results of their work are impressive and are worth the extra cost. Nissan’s high-performance models are available from Gunn Nissan of Denton, near Fort Worth. The NISMO division has an extensive history of performance engineering and has a reputation for making vehicles that are truly a pleasure to drive.