Interested in learning more about the Nismo company? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Nismo is a company in the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry. Known for its performance parts and racing capabilities, this company has won a number of races and has a pool of professional drivers who participate in various types of racing. Read on to learn about the company, its products and drivers.



Nismo is a company in the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry


Nismo is a company based in Lynnwood, WA, USA. This company provides Computer Systems Design and Related Services. They employ 10 people and generate $490,000 in revenue each year. This figure is based on modelled sales, not actual data. Also, contact and principal counts are estimates and may differ from those provided by D&B Hoovers. In addition, the company may not have the exact number of employees.



As a result of its advanced engineering, Nissan is now a premier automobile manufacturer. This company’s diverse range of models has proven to be highly adaptable and versatile. In recent years, Nissan has made many exciting advancements in technology, and now they are taking their performance to the next level with the Nissan Juke Nismo. These new parts will debut at the upcoming Rebelle Rally, where they will be driven by Team Wild Grace.

It manufactures performance parts



Nissan’s NISMO performance division designs and manufactures parts for many of its models, including the popular GT-R. Nismo also produces aftermarket elements for many Nissan models. The company offers a number of performance parts for nearly every component on your car. Here are a few of its most notable offerings. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to boost the performance of their stock Nissan. Read on to learn more about Nismo’s performance parts.



Nismo manufactures performance parts for both Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Their KA24E engine is popular with the import scene in North America. Nismo has also developed performance parts for the V35 Skyline and Z33 Fairlady. The company released a track-spec Fairlady in 1989. It has since been used in several race cars, including the Nissan GT-R.

It competes in racing



The Nissan Motor Company, which is also abbreviated as Nismo, is a Japanese automaker that competes in motorsports. Nismo was founded in 1984 when two separate motorsport departments merged. Its goal was to compete in international and domestic motorsport events with its vehicles, but it remained primarily a factory-supported operation. Throughout the years, it has competed in many different motorsports events, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the JSPC, and Formula E. It is set to disappear in April 2022 when the company merges with sister company Autech.



Nismo began selling performance parts for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, and started with the KA24E engine, which was previously used in the 240SX sports car. The 240SX was popular with North American import scene enthusiasts. Since then, it has developed performance tuning packages for the V35 Skyline and Z33 Fairlady, including a track-spec version that debuted at Fuji International Raceway in 1998.




It has a pool of drivers

The Nismo company has a global network of drivers who work together with the racing division. For example, in the Nissan GT-R GT3 race car, drivers from different countries will drive the same car, but with a different set of dynamics. Similarly, in the GT Academy, drivers will compete for the same car as the factory team. The pool of drivers is continually increasing and the company is proud to support such talent.



Nissan Motorsports always places competitive racing at the top of their priority list. To foster this, the company has a pool of drivers who compete in prestigious motorsport events. The company is able to take advantage of these drivers through the Nismo Global Driver Exchange program, which matches factory drivers with experienced racers from different teams. The company also supports the driver development of its drivers by allowing them to attend big name races and share their experience with other drivers.