The Brabus company is famous for tuning cars. This German manufacturer specializes in tuning special vehicles. These cars are a combination of comfort and functionality. These vehicles feature features such as comfortable seats, massage functions, LED lighting, USB connectors, and electrical outlets. There is also a built-in media center and four video cameras. The Brabus company also provides tuning services to regular vehicles. Their minibuses come with custom-designed exhaust systems.


In 1977, Bodo Buschmann started a tuning company for Mercedes-Benz cars. Since his parents owned Mercedes salons, he was well-versed in their various models. After some time, Bodo started to own the company and became the sole owner. He also introduced the “Bahl-Buschmann guarantee,” which covers all of their products. Brabus’s customers can purchase the cars directly from the company, or they can send their existing cars for deep tuning.


During the eighties, Mercedes-Benz’s focus was comfort and refinement. Bodo Buschmann, however, wanted a Mercedes that was fast and stylish. Eventually, the two men came together to create the Brabus company, which specializes in high-performance automotive aftermarket tuning. With its expertise in tuning Mercedes-Benz cars, Brabus has helped restore or upgrade many models. Customers are now more confident in their vehicles’ style and performance.


The Brabus company was founded in 1977 near Düsseldorf. Bodo Buschmann was inspired to start the business because he wanted to customize his own Mercedes-Benz car. Today, it’s one of the largest names in Mercedes tuning. The Brabus headquarters are located in Bottrop, Germany, and the company is split into four divisions: marketing, sales, and production. With over 7,500 cars produced every year, Brabus is one of the leading names in the industry.