There’s no doubt that the brand of Tesla cars, electric sports cars, is catching on. You can’t help but wonder what it must be like to drive a Model S in your hometown. The Model S is arguably the best mass-market car in the world, and it is widely considered a very high-end vehicle. So it is not surprising that the company has developed the electric car into a high-performance car, complete with an incredibly fast (and relatively quiet) acceleration. And with the introduction of the Roadsters, all-electric fast cars, the Model S became truly a flagship vehicle for the company.

The Model S and its electric cars represent one of the biggest opportunities that we have ever seen in the automobile industry. Not long ago, Honda had introduced a sporty version of its Fit, a vehicle that was supposed to appeal to younger drivers. But, as we’ve seen, it didn’t take long for Honda to get a firm grip on the young-driver market. What if you could buy a sporty car with all the performance capabilities of a mid-priced sport sedan, but with zero emissions and high fuel economy? If the Model S becomes a full-time option for those interested in buying a car, it just may become a revolution. Indeed, if you are looking for an electric vehicle today, there may not be a better time to buy than right now.

If you haven’t heard, the Model S is an incredibly affordable vehicle. It starts at a modest $70 thousand, and can go as high as well over a few hundred thousand dollars depending on the model. That is a very impressive starting price for an electric car, especially when you consider that the gasoline prices we’ve been reading about are steadily rising. But there is a price to be paid for high performance, and this is where the appeal of some of the lower-end electric cars comes into play. You have to understand that the Model S is technologically superior to many of the cars competing for the same title.

This past summer, we got the first chance to test drive the Model S, and we must say that it is hands down the most impressive vehicle we have ever driven. It is quick, powerful, and offers a comfortable ride. However, the electric car from Tesla was not the only car we tested; there was also the Signature series, the Roadster, and the SUV. There are many more options that can make for a great electric car, so we’ll focus on the Model S for now.

When we took the car out on the road, we found that driving it felt almost like an aircraft. The Model S felt like it was extending its wings, and it had a sense of lightness, and space. We tried driving the highway, and found that the acceleration was a bit faster than we would have liked, but the roadster performed admirably, and seemed to handle itself very well. In fact, in comparison to other vehicles in its class, the Model S seemed to handle itself quite well.

The big question on everyone’s mind is, how much will the starting price be? Well, at first glance, the price of the Model S might make you think it is way too expensive. But upon further investigation, you find that it is very affordable compared to other modern electric vehicle cars. In fact, when you compare it to other vehicles in its class, you will find that it is very comparable to many other modern sedans, and hatchbacks. In fact, you can find a great used vehicle in your price range. Indeed, many people who look for all-electric vehicles often find themselves surprised when they find out how affordable the Model S is.

Another question that many people have is about the battery packs. Many people fear that electric vehicles will have less battery power than standard vehicles. However, the Model S boasts a huge number of miles per charge, as well as over 500 hours of driving time. That is much longer than the expected lifespan for most cars, and makes the Model S an excellent long-term investment.

A final question about the Model S concerns the speed limit of the vehicle. Most owners report that the car charges to full in a very short amount of time. As a result, they typically recommend that you keep your engine revved up, and maintain a constant speed. However, the Model S also offers the option of parking, which as a rule, allows you to accelerate both while standing in place, as well as while driving. These options alone may account for the impressive all-electricity rate of the Model S.