Thanks to rapid advances, both in terms of mobile communication speeds and the technology in connected cars, car manufacturers can offer their customers new exciting services. As IoT is realized to a greater extent, connected cars can always communicate in real time with the surrounding connected ecosystem.

To make the journey smoother and safer, connected cars can use high-speed mobile communication to interact with other vehicles as well as with sensors along the road. This ecosystem of connected transport infrastructure makes advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving cars possible – and at the same time changes people’s views on mobility.

Existing Problems

More and more congestion on the roads, more and more buses, subway cars that are filled to bursting point in rush hour traffic… Due to so many people relying on the same means of transport, the need for new, smarter solutions has never been greater than now.

Connecting smart cities with connected cars is a very important next step. The ADAS systems found in cars today, e.g. automatic parking and recalculation of the route to avoid queues, are building blocks in future solutions for V2V communication (vehicle to vehicle), V2I communication (vehicle to infrastructure) and V2X communication (vehicle to everything).

Future Approach

In the future, cars will be able to use crowdsource information that allows smart cities to function more smoothly, e.g. Locate holes in roadway hazards or help find vacant parking spaces. Self-driving cars will make “decisions” based on V2X data received from the connected world in which they are used.

Customers increasingly expect to always be able to be connected. Consequently, the connection in the cars must be of the highest class. Not only do the systems need to be open and future-proof, they must also meet the very highest standards of reliability and security.

Through close collaboration with pioneers in the field of connected vehicles, Telenor Connection has acquired unique knowledge about today’s car industry and about what it takes to succeed tomorrow. We can use these experiences and insights in our connected IoT solutions for the global automotive industry.